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KL4K Features and Benefits

Learn about the features and benefits of investing in the Kingdom Living 4 Kids Curriculum as it partners with you to challenge children to grow and mature spiritually.


Kingdom Living 4 Kids is ideal for multi-aged groups, as both Junior and Senior Activity Books use the same content for each unit. The only difference between the two levels, is that the activites are tailored to each specific age group. This makes it easy for the group leader, as the Leader's Manual incorporates the leader's notes for both levels on the one page.  

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Kingdom Living 4 Kids was designed to lead children on a journey of learning, firstly about themselves as spiritual people, understanding that there is more to them than just a physical body; also learning about God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) and His Kingdom; and how to live as Kingdom People, demonstrating the character of Christ in their daily lives as they are filled with, led and empowered by God’s Holy Spirit.


Kingdom Living 4 Kids incorporates many strategies to make each session not only interesting and engaging, but also fun, such as:
Colourful graphics … Word puzzles … Dot-to-dots … Spot the differences … De-coding puzzles … Memory Verse Activities ... Reward pagesMazes … Craft activities … Games … and much more.

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This Bible based learning system is structured on a variety of themes, using Scriptures as they apply to each theme or subject. It incorporates Biblical principles in a practical way and provides the necessary tools to teach children how to incorporate what they are learning into their lives. Throughout each theme, children are encouraged to pursue an intimate relationship with God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit; and are challenged to demonstrate the character of Christ in their thoughts, speech and behaviour.


The Kingdom Living 4 Kids Curriculum and its multi-media resources are ideal for Sunday schools, Children’s Churches, Christian schools, Youth Churches, Youth Groups and even the family home.

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Each Leader’s Manual takes the guess work out of preparing for lessons, by providing specific instructions and answers for each activity in both the Junior and Senior Activity Books. The Leader’s notes for both Junior and Senior activities are presented on the one page, so there is no need to juggle multiple books. The Leader’s Manual also includes:

- Resource Disc (Colourful, reproduceable and ready to use resources)
- PowerPoint Presentation Disc (Animated slideshows aid in the presentation of key concepts for each lesson)
- Memory verse activities that make learning Scripture interesting and fun
- Suggested discussion points and self evaluation questions
- Prayer focuses and activities to enhance children’s prayer experiences
- Dramatisation scripts
- Craft activities, games and other fun activities
- Scriptures used throughout the unit are also provided
- Record Sheet – a helpful tool in planning the re-use of each unit 
- Memory verse cards
- Prayer cards
- Dramatisation scripts
- Puzzles
- Colouring in pages
- Craft templates...and many more 

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Print more than 30 innovative and colourful resources to enhance the learning experience including:

Throughout the Leader’s Manual there are references to resource templates that have been put together on a Resource Disc that accompanies it. These templates are designed to be printed and used in conjunction with the children’s activity books to enhance the learning experience. Suggestions have been made for their use, however I’m sure the Holy Spirit will inspire you with many different and creative ways to use them.  (Resources can also be edited to suit individual requirements.)

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Full colour, fun, animated PowerPoint presentations are available for most of the sessions in each unit, to aid in the presentation of key concepts. These presentations are designed to be used as an introduction to the activity book session; or to facilitate brainstorming /discussion sessions; or to review main concepts learnt. A script is provided for each presentation, so it is as simple as click and read.

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Kingdom Living 4 Kids Curriculum provides maximum flexibility and will easily adapt to any ministry frame work. As Kingdom Living 4 Kids is not dated you can start using it any time. Furthermore, no suggested time frames have been set for each session, as the size of your group, their ages and their level of spiritual maturity will dictate how long to spend on each session.
As a broad generalization, the Junior Activity Books are intended for children aged 4 - 8 years and the Senior Activity Books are for children aged 9 - 12 years. The activity books make no mention of these age gradings, so teachers/parents can select the most appropriate level of learning for individual children.
Even though there are separate activity books for Juniors and Seniors, the material covered in each book is the same, with activities ranging in difficulty to accommodate the abilities of all ages. This enables multi-aged classes to be run effortlessly, particularly if the “Buddy System” is put into practice.

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BUDDY SYSTEM (Ideal for multi-aged groups)

In this system, younger children are paired off with older children. These pairs are “buddies”. The older buddy is to sit next to their younger buddy, and is given the responsibility of helping them. Explain to the older children that they are helpers to the group leader so they know what is expected of them. This will give them a sense of purpose. Delegate specific areas of responsibility to the older children as often as you can; for example, reading Scriptures, sharing testimonies, praying, handing out rewards etc.  This is an excellent way of nurturing their leadership skills.


The “buddy system” can be extended to introduce children to intercessory prayer. Have each child design their own name tag, which can be duplicated and laminated for protection. When “buddies” are allocated, the name tags can be pinned to a “Buddy Board” so they are easily seen.


When the session is finished the children are to take their buddy’s name tag home. They are to put this in a prominent place that will remind them to pray for their buddy during the week. This helps foster a sense of family and caring amongst the children. It also instils the practice of intercession into their lives. This buddy system can also be used successfully in groups of children of the same age.

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Scriptures used throughout this curriculum have been taken from the Contemporary English Version unless otherwise stated. All Scriptures used in each unit have been printed in the back of each Activity Book and Leader’s Manual. This is a handy tool if a specific Bible version is not accessible.
Many of the Scriptures used in each unit have been made into Scripture Cards with colourful graphics that can be used to encourage children to learn them.  Children can take home a different Scripture Card each week to memorise. If a child can repeat the Scripture from memory they can be given a sticker on their reward chart in the back of their activity books.
Kingdom Living 4 Kids is the best curriculum value available! Purchase the Leader’s Manuals for each unit ONCE, and then re-use them and the resources again. Simply replenish the children’s Activity Books as needed.


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