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Dear Brothers & Sisters In Christ,

I have changed the setup of the Kingdom Living 4 Kids Online Store and the process of accessing this children's ministry curriculum on CD Rom.

The Lord has been challenging me to reconsider my whole attitude towards ownership of this curriculum and the pricing of it. This is what He has shown me. I have always said that it is the Holy Spirit who has inspired the writing of this curriculum and enabled me to put it together. So it is not really "my" property, but it belongs to Christ Jesus; and it belongs to His Kingdom. Although other children's ministry curriculums are marketed like any other "worldly" product, that is not God's will for this curriculum.

I have received a number of requests for access to this curriculum and financial support to set up children's churches/Sunday schools in different nations of the world. I have been crying out to the Lord about the fact that there are so many children with so many needs in so many places in the world that could be addressed if only I had more money! He has shown me that in His Kingdom economy, an important key to "unlock heaven" so to speak and receive provision. . . is to give.

So, instead of paying the set price for each CD Rom component of the curriculum,  all I ask is that you pay for the postage and handling costs (this is automatically calculated at the time of purchase according to weight and destination); and that you make a donation in the amount of your own choosing. The price of each CD Rom has been changed to $0.

Throughout the Online Store, there are a number on "Donation" opportunities where you can nominate the amount of your chosen donation. When you put the chosen amount into the "Add To Cart" field, this will be displayed as a dollar amount in your shopping cart, together with your ordered products.

You can of course still make a donation even if you do not wish to order any products.

To view the CD Rom components of the Kingdom Living 4 Kids and Kingdom Topics 4 Teens Curriculum, click on the link "CURRICULUM on CD ROM" in the Online Store Menu.

Please note that because there is considerable time and cost involved in printing the books, I have had to set a price for these components.

As I give this curriculum in this way, I trust and pray that you too will open your heart and give generously to the children of the nations (including Australia).

This is a huge leap of faith for me, as I've already outlaid a great amount of my own personal money over the last few years in getting this curriculum and the website to the stage it is now. But I cannot ignore the prompting of the Holy Spirit in this matter and I trust that God knows what He is doing.

Please seek God in the matter of your donation and give according to the prompting of the Holy Spirit, so that His will can be accomplished in and through the distribution of this curriculum.

I have no doubt that as you give, you and your ministry will be blessed abundantly, as all that we do is for the growth of the Kingdom and the glory of God.

Yours In Christ
Debbie Fowler


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