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As you view sample pages of each component of the Kingdom Living 4 Kids Curriculum, you will see how each of the components fit together to form a high quality, well resourced, educational ministry tool.

SAMPLE PAGES - UNIT 1   Getting to Know Me!
SAMPLE PAGES - UNIT 2   Who Am I In God's Kingdom!
SAMPLE PAGES - UNIT 3   The Holy Who?.



        Senior Activity Book Page 1 - Getting to Know Me                       Junior Activity Book Page 1 - Getting To Know Me


     LEADER'S NOTES for page 1 - Getting To Know Me!     
     POWERPOINT PRESENTATION SCRIPT - Introduction for Page 1 - Getting To Know Me!

     RESOURCE TEMPLATE NO. 1  - Memory Verse Cards (2 Timothy 1:7)

     LEADER'S MANUAL - Appendix 2 – Memory Verse Activities


        Senior Activity Book Page 2 - God's Kingdom                                Junior Activity Book Page 2 - God's Kingdom


     LEADER'S NOTES for page 2 - God's  Kingdom  
     POWERPOINT PRESENTATION SCRIPT - Introduction for Page 2 - God's Kingdom

     RESOURCE TEMPLATE NO. 1  - Crown Shape

     RESOURCE TEMPLATE NO. 2  - Memory Verse Cards - Psalm 103:3-5

     RESOURCE TEMPLATE NO. 30  - Prayer Cards

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        Senior Activity Book Page 13 - What? 24/7?                                  Junior Activity Book Page 13 - What? 24/7?


     LEADER'S NOTES for page 13 - What? 24/7?     
     POWERPOINT PRESENTATION SCRIPT - Introduction for Page 13 - What? 24/7?

     POWERPOINT PRESENTATION SCRIPT - Discussion Facilitator for Page 13A - What? 24/7?

     RESOURCE TEMPLATE NO. 14 Prayer Card - Commitment of Body

     RESOURCE TEMPLATE NO. 15 Body Puzzle - 1 Corinthians 16:9

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