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KT4T Curriculum Components

The Kingdom Topics 4 Teens (KT4T) Curriculum offers not only activity books for teens to work in, but also Leader’s Manuals, with ready to use resources and PowerPoint presentations full of fun and colourful graphics. We’ve done all the hard work for you, so your preparation time will be minimal.

Unit Components Include:

-  Teen Activity Book
-  Teen Activity Book on CD Rom
Leader's Manual
Leader's Manual on CD Rom 

The product components pictured below are from Unit 1, but each unit has each of these components.


These books are spiral bound, A5 sized books.

As a broad generalisation, Teen Activity books are intended for youth 13 years and over.
Each Activity Book includes the following features:
  • pages packed with Bible based lessons
  • colourful graphics
  • puzzle page
  • Bible memory verses
  • Scriptures used throughout the unit are written out in full  

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The teen activity book purchased on disc still has all the same features as the printed activity book, plus...

Huge savings for large groups.
-  Print pages for individual lessons as required.
Buy once and print as many copies as required.

You can still collate each teens completed activity pages into a book, by using display folders with plastic sleeves to hold individual pages.
Manual's are spiral bound, A4 sized books.

Each Leader's Manual contains all the ideas, information and access to multi-media resources you will need to prepare and teach each lesson.

- Specific instructions and answers for each activity in the activity books.
Memory verse activities make learning Scripture interesting and fun.
Prayer focuses and activities to enhance prayer experiences.
Craft activities, plays, games and other fun activities. 
- Scriptures used throughout the unit are provided in full.

- Buy once and reuse again!  

The pages below show the layout of a typical Leader's Manual page. 


View an annoted sample of Leader's Notes from the Unit 3 printed Leader's Manual.


This disc accompanies the printed Leader's Manual, providing access to more than 30 innovative and colourful resources to enhance the learning experience. Creating resources can be tedious and time consuming, so we've done all the hard work for you! Simply print and use!

-  PDF files that are ready to print and use.
-  Word files that can be edited to suit individual needs.
Colourful and fun graphics.
-  Resources include:  

          Bible Memory Verse Cards         Craft Activities
  Completion Certificates               Plays                   
  Puzzle Templates                       Games                                                
  Prayer Cards                              And more...


This disc accompanies the printed Leader's Manual, providing access to colourful animated PowerPoint Presentations to aid in the presentation of key concepts for each lesson.

Colourful and fun animations.
Speaker's script notes are provided - simply read and click.
-  Most PowerPoints are intended as lesson introductions.
-  Some can be used to faciliate discussion.
-  Some can be used to review key concepts of the lesson.

            Activity Book Page 1 - Getting To Know Me

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Purchasing the Leader's Manual on disc gives you access to all the same features as the printed Leader's Manual, plus...

Huge savings for large groups 
-  Print notes for individual lessons as required.
Access resources by the click of a mouse via hyperlinks.
Access PowerPoint Presentations by the click of a mouse.
Everything you need is on this one disc!
Buy once and print as many copies as required!


View an annoted sample of Leader's Notes from the Unit 3 Leader's Manual.

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