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Christmas is traditionally a time to celebrate the birth of Jesus. However this message reminds us Jesus is no longer a baby in a manger, but the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.

Children actively participate in this message as the birth of Jesus is examined in light of him as the King of Kings. Although Jesus' birth and life don't seem to have any obvious "royal stuff", this message uncovers the obscure clues that do point to him being a King.

Use this message to encourage children and parents to consider whether they have made Jesus King of their hearts.

King of Kings Message (PDF)

There are a number of PowerPoint Presentations available that present the Scriptures below in a visual form that support the theme King of Kings. Older children/youth can be involved in this message further by allowing them to read these Scriptures as the PowerPoint Presentation is shown.

PowerPoint Presentation - Daniel 7:9-14 (PPT)

PowerPoint Presentation - Matthew 2:1-2 and 9-11 (PPT)

PowerPoint Presentation - Psalm 145:1 and 4-13 (PPT)

PowerPoint Presentation - Revelation 4:1-11 (PPT)

PowerPoint Presentation - Revelation 19:1-6 (PPT)

This message can also be adapted and used at any time of the year.
It relates to teaching from Unit 2 - Who Am I In God's Kingdom?

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