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The Easter story is told through a number of symbolic items each placed within a plastic egg and requires children to be actively involved. As children open the egg they've chosen, this script can be read (either by the children or an adult) which will explain how each item relates to the Easter story.

 Symbolic items are:

1.      Silver coins
2.      Perfume
3.      Bread
4.      Wine (A grape can be used to symbolise wine)
5.      An Olive
6.      A Sword
7.      A Nail
8.      Thorns
9.      Cross
10.  Dice
11.  Black (Paint the inside of the egg black)
12.  A Rock
13.  Nothing (Empty Egg)
14.  Cotton Wool

Number each egg according to the list above, on the outside so it is visible and place into a basket.

Allow children to choose an egg from the basket, but instruct them not to open their egg until you tell them to do so.
There is a colourful, animated PowerPoint presentation that corresponds to this script. If you would like to access this PowerPoint file, click the download button below.

As the PowerPoint Presentation progresses to each numbered egg, instruct the child with the corresponding numbered egg to come to the front and open their egg and read their script (or have a parent/adult read instead).

As the script is read, you need to have someone operate the PowerPoint Presentation to correspond with the script.
Refer to this Easter Message in an Egg – Script for the timing of the PowerPoint Presentation.
You may wish to follow this PowerPoint Presentation with a short talk about responding to the Message of Easter. Refer to the Easter message titled – "Believe and Be Blessed". This short talk leads into a time of repentance and Holy Communion.

PowerPoint Script - Easter Message In An Egg (PDF)
(Download may take a few minutes as this is a large file)

PowerPoint Presentation - Easter Message In An Egg (PPT)
(Download may take a few minutes as this is a large file)


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