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Title:  Unit 4 - Power To Do
Size:  54 pages on CD Rom.
Number of Lessons: 27 lessons.

Level:  Senior Activity Book - for children aged 9 - 12 years.
As a broad generalisation, the Junior Activity Books are intended for children aged 4 - 8 years and the Senior Activity Books are for children aged 9 - 12 years. The activity books make no mention of these age gradings, so teachers/parents can select the most appropriate level of learning for individual children.

Even though there are separate activity books for Juniors and Seniors, the material covered in each book is the same, with activities ranging in difficulty to accommodate the abilities of each age group. This enables multi-aged classes to be run effortlessly.

This disc has all the same features as the printed activity book, plus...
  • Print pages for individual lessons as required
  • Huge savings for large groups
  • Buy once and print as many copies as required
Lesson Outline:
For full details of lesson content, refer to the "KL4K Curriculum in Detail" page.

  Page Title
       1   Power To Create
       2   Power To Save
       3   Power Over Death
       4   God Had A Plan For Jesus To Carry Out
       5   God Had A Plan For The Disciples To Carry Out
     6   God Has A Plan For You To Carry Out
       7   Power To Tell
       8   Me? Continue Jesus' Work?
       9   What Are These Spiritual Gifts?
      10   Message of Wisdom
      11   Message of Knowledge
      12   Faith
      13   Gifts of Healing
  14 - 15   Miraculous Powers
      16   Prophecy
  17 - 18   Knowing of Different Spirits
    19   Speaking in Tongues
      20   Interpretation of Tongues
      21   Why Does The Holy Spirit Give Us These Amazing Gifts?
22 - 24   Warning
       25   But Wait, There's More...Gifts of Grace
      26   Serving Others 
    27   Teaching
      28   Encouraging
      29   Giving
      30   Leadership
  31 - 32   Mercy (Kindness)
    33   Remember
  34 - 36   Ask Yourself
      Cutting Out Pages
      Puzzle Pages
      Reward Charts



































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